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Control IC-HW0808

    The control circuit of Hanwang ERT components is based on a single chip developed by Hanwang with up-to-date technology and fabrication process. This chip, together with its embeded unique algorithm, does not need software calibration. So, the PCB area and cost of control circuit can be greatly shrinked.
   Based on the ERT stylus’ current position, exciting signal and scanning area is dynamic adjusted under Region-dependent segmentation patented technology, power consumption declines sharply.
1. High Precision: Precision can reach 0.005mm.
2. Low cost: The overall costs increases not much as FPC size increases.
3. 100% Transparency:  stay on the back of the screen, doesn’t affect display at all.
4. Rich function - position, tilt angle, and pressure of ERT stylus. Multiple stylus operation is also supported.
5. Suitable for on-screen hand writing- Only sensitive to ERT stylus, not influenced by hand touch, no erroneous input.
6. Wireless and battery free stylus: easy to use but low cost.
7. Single chip solution.
8. High performance(200dots/s), low power consumption(3.3V,<18mA).

Items Values
Available FPC size 2inch to 22inch
Thickness <2.0mm
Sensor thickness <0.4mm
Accuracy 0.1mm
Pressure levels 1024
Max data rate 200dots/s
Resolution分 2048dpi
Voltage 3.3V DC
Interface UART 19.2kbps

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