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WISEreader E920

WISEreader  E920

200dpi Resolution
1600 x 1200 resolution – the highest resolution of any E Ink ereader currently available.
Dual Finger/Stylus Touchscreen Input
Hanvon’s special Dual-Touch ERT system lets you use either your finger or the stylus to operate the touchscreen. For faster page turning, simply tap the side of the screen with your finger or stylus to turn to the next page.
Wi-Fi and Internet Browser
The built-in Wi-Fi adapter lets you connect to the internet, surf the web and download ebooks directly to the device.
Handwriting and Note Taking
The stylus doubles as a tool for annotating ebooks and documents as well as taking notes and memos. In the reading interface, use the stylus to add personal annotations and underlines directly to ebooks. Annotations made to PDF files can be embedded to the document and stored for viewing on a computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Memo and Notepad interfaces offer users two choices for taking notes. In Memo mode, users can sketch freehand notes and save them as image files. In Notepad mode, users can convert handwritten input to text, which can be saved as a .txt file.
The integrated calendar application can help you manage your appointments and dates. Set reminders to pop-up when an important upcoming event will begin.
Contact List
Search and manage contact information by name, phone number, email, company, address, etc.
When you feel like taking a break from reading, take some time to enjoy playing Chinese Chess, Gobang and Sudoku.
Music Player and Voice Recorder
The device comes with built-in speakers, headphone jack and microphone for listening to music and recording audio. Users can even listen to music while they read.
Reading Essentials
Zoom/Size: set the text size, line spacing and page orientation according to preference
Page Jump: skip ahead/back to the desired page number
Bookmarks: save a page in the bookmark list to return to it later
Search: find important keywords and passages in the ebook
Autopage: turn the page automatically at user-defined intervals
WISEreader Advantages List
Environmentally Friendly
Ereaders use no paper and consume very little energy
Stores Thousands of Books
Holds over 1,000 books; expandable memory of up to 32GB
Easy on the Eyes
E Ink® is crisp and easy to read; you can adjust the text size to suit your preferences and read for long durations
Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Runs on standby mode for 15 days, the equivalent to 8,000 page refreshes
No Glare
Read under bright sunlight with minimal glare
Lightweight and slim, easy to carry
Full Viewing Angle
High resolution display with wide 180° angle viewing
Display Technology: E Ink® “Electronic Paper”
Screen Size: Approx. 9.68” measured diagonally
Resolution:1600×1200, 200dpi
Wireless WIFI
Handwriting Yes
Keyboard n/a
Media Formats Supported Text: TXT, HTXT, HTML, PDF, EPUB, DOC, XLS
Audio: WAV, WMA, MP3
DRM: Adobe content management 4
Storage Media microSD card (expandable up to 32GB)
Menu Language English
Pre-installed Ebooks English
Power Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 2350mAh
Battery Life (Approx.): 10,000 page refreshes per each full charge
System Requirements (for transferring book data via USB Operating System: Windows® XP, 2000, Vista
Processor: 800MHz Intel® Celeron class processor or better
RAM: 128MHz minimum
Hard Drive: 64MB minimum available hard drive space
USB Port: USB 1.1 or faster USB port
Size Weight: Approx. 554g
Dimensions: 270mm x 188mm x 11.5mm
Temperature Operating temperature: 32 to 104 degrees F (0 to 40 degrees C)
Storage temperature: -4 to 113 degrees F (-20 to 55 degrees C)
Hardware Specifications
ITEM Hardware Description
Processor 800MHz
Nand 4GB
Display 9.68” PVI EPD
Input/output Ports and Expansion Interfaces USB Device: mini USB 2.0
microSD card slot
3.5mm stereo audio out jack
LED Green LED: indicates working status
Red LED: indicates charging status
Buttons Power Switch: Power ON/OFF
Function Key: Menu, Back, OK, PageDown, PageUp
Power Consumption Less than 200mA@3.3v at EPD refresh time (with wireless module off)
Less than 2.0mA@3.3v in sleep mode. It can execute more than 10,000 page refreshes on one full battery charge.
Software Specification
ITEM Software Description
Operating System WinCE 6.0
Audio Player WAV,WMA ,MP3
Web Browser Opera
Main Functions Support: Search, Remark, Autopage, Zoom, Page jump, Rotate screen, Memo, Notepad, etc.

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