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GraphicPal 3

GraphicPal 3

Graphics Tablet for Advanced Art Creators


Equipped with Office Assistant Tools for handwriting recognition, handwriting signatures, annotation, handwriting E-mail and presentation Compatible with all major graphics application including Corel Painter , CorelDraw ,Adobe Photoshop ,Adobe Illustrator ,Adobe Fireworks, Macromedia Flash and so on.

When a perfect idea flash in your mind, GraphicPal provides you one magic Cordless & Battery-free Pen bring you to the brilliant world soon. With 2048 levels of Pressure sensitivity, the pen takes you to the traditional painting feeling, easily and smoothly.

To stand head and shoulders above other works, several power issues help you make it. GraphicPal has got the Widescreen & Multiple Monitors Supported, ±0.1mm Accuracy, 4000 lpi Resolution, 155 pps Report Rate, ±60°Tilt Range.

Taking notes with the perfect handwriting recognition, signing to keep your own handwriting or demonstrating with the simplified White Board…, GraphicPal with smart Hanvon Soft supports you well.

For the beginner, GraphicPal can be easily handled with Express Keys and Ambidextrous & Switchable Design. Express Keys are programmable as function keys, keyboard shortcuts, mouse clicks, launching applications, and pop-up menus.

Technical Specifications
  • Product Model GraphicPal 3
    Active Area (LxW)



    Pressure Level 2048 levels 2048 levels
    Resolution 4000 lpi 4000 lpi
    Pen Accuracy ±0.1 mm ±0.1 mm
    Report rate 155 pps 155 pps
    Pen Tilt Sensitivity +/- ±60° ±60°
    Express Keys 4 4


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