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Hanvon Touch Technology

This Hanwang original electromagnetic pen touch technology (ERT) based on this technology innovation. Key structural and electromagnetic pen technology (high sensitivity resonant circuit), multiple copies integrated into the screen below the trackpad placed in the device, and use new electromagnetic positioning technology can accurately identify the finger in the device display the touch position on the screen, while still can accurately identify the location of the the electromagnetic pen on the touch on the device display, in order to achieve a double-touch operation of the finger and the electromagnetic pen.
It is a quantum jump in the existing electromagnetic touch technology 
Hanvon ERT Touch Technology will break the barrier of non-finger touch on EMR technology.
It try to added some new antenna on the electromagnetic sensor board to realize click, sliding and other gesture control, it will be rather than to integrate the capacitance touch on the display screen.
It has no effect on the display.
Mildly associated of production process,.
It’s good for production.
 Working Principle

  The new technology in the conventional electromagnetic induction technically modified layer of the ordered arrangement of the voltage-dependent capacitance are stacked on the inductive antenna board. The voltage-dependent capacitance is important electromagnetic pen nib when the nib by force, pressure is passed through the refill to the pressure sensitive capacitor, changing the frequency of the output signal of the sensor plate will be able to recognize the pen has been into the working state. Now, the voltage-dependent capacitance is placed directly in the sensor board and placed behind the screen, when the finger or other object touches the surface of the screen, the pressure will be able to pass through the screen to the top of the voltage-dependent capacitance, thereby changing the frequency of the signal of the corresponding coil around by the absolute value of the signal variation amount of the respective areas of the main chip estimates can locate the location of the pressure points. Therefore, this technique is a pen, finger, as well as various other substances can be achieved on the screen of the touch operation.
This technology is ideal for e-books.

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