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Hanvon Touch

ERT on Pad /Notebook

Hanvon D10 Is a mobile office needs to meet the high-end people a mainstream product, stylish and simple.
The world's first tablet PC "capacitor" + "electromagnetic" double screen paste techniques hand, pen dual control.
12mm thin magnesium aluminum body, the machine weighs only 710g
10.1-inch display screen with a resolution of up to 1280x800, equipped with the Android 2.3 operating system
NV Tegra 2.1GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of memory
And joined the electromagnetic screen + the electromagnetic pen design can be achieved more convenient touch operation

As the originator of the country to carry out the handwriting technology research and development and application
Hanwang latest technological achievements for Tablet PC D10 products
The original original handwriting handwriting technology, true to the paper writing experience
Perfect realization of the dream of handwriting technology embedded in the computer
To provide customers with perfect handwriting experience

Functional classification Type Product parameters
Operating system Operating system Android 2.3
Processor Processor Model NV Tegra 2
Frequency 1GHZ
Nuclear type Dual-core ARM Cortex A9
Memory DDR2 1G
Large capacity memory 16G(supports up to 64G)
Micro SD Card Support 4G、8G、16G、32G
Size and weight Length(mm) 262
Width(mm) 177
Thickness(mm) 12
Weight(g) 710
Display Screen Size 10.1-inch
Screen Type LCD multi-point capacitive touch
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Resolution 1280*800
Electromagnetic Technology Electromagnetic screen & electromagnetic pen Electromagnetic screen on the LCD, TP fit + eraser function electromagnetic pen
Wireless network WIFI 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
GPS Antenna  
Camera Pre-2M Camera  

1.D10 customized version of the HW input method,
Support for Simplified and Traditional Hideyuki recognition input,
And integrated HW text macro patented technology.
HW-specific the ERT electromagnetic screen, and electromagnetic pen technology.
3 capacitor electromagnetic dual-mode input, 1024-level pressure sensitivity.

1 handwritten Notepad
Log recording, trip scheduling, memo,
Original original handwriting handwriting technology, true to the paper writing experience,
Perfect realization of the dream of handwriting technology embedded in the computer.

(2) the original handwriting input, handwriting mail, mail, personal letter, the issue of file,
Tailored handwritten original handwriting mail function;
Email "personal letter" real writing directly, smooth writing pen move your feet.

The 3.eReader reader
Supports TXT, HTXT, HTML, PDF, Epub, Heb format,
Original handwriting annotation; Dictionary and TTS reading.

4 face safe
The core of the integrated Hanwang face recognition technology to protect important data security.

5.HW Office
In addition to the completion of the reading and editing of Word, Excel, PPT,
Adds to the HW characteristics of handwritten annotations, handwritten notes, OCR and Mail To function.

6 HW Mall client
In addition to helping users to query, download, install HW Mall,
Preset application upgrade firmware update service.

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