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Digitizer: Hanvon provides you Touch Solutions

    With Samsung released the Galaxy Note series brings a wave of the digitizer, more and more smart mobiles and tablets' manufacturers are concerned about whether their device should be equipped with a high accuracy and a pressure-sensitive digitizer, in order to bring the perfect input experience for the users. Around the world, Hanvon is one of the only two providers of the electromagnetic digitizers, and has the patents around it.
    Hanwang Technology was founded in 1998. Currently, the main business concluded: Handwriting recognition, facial recognition, electromagnetic component and e-reader. In China, it is the only company focus on the recognition technology, with more than hundreds of global patents about software and hardware.      Founded more than ten years, Hanvon has supported Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo and other high-level customers worldwide. To help them complete its product and technology in the field of identification functions, the smooth recognition experience for the end user won the good reputation for Hanvon. Nowadays, Hanvon handwriting recognition. OCR, facial recognition, and electromagnetic component nonetheless make a great effort on perfecting users experience.
    Digitizer is one of the core business of the Hanvon. Combining to the powerful R&D and their own manufacture, Hanvon is good at customerlization services. It can provide strong support to fulfil customer needs for their specific device. At the same time, they can put the handwriting recognition software, painting software and other applications they have into the digitizer module. It can provide more fun for the digitizer on the smart mobiles and the tablets.
    Target to the different requirement in the market, Hanvon provides four kinds of touch solutions: Hanvon ERT (Electromagnetic Resonance Touch), Hanvon Touch(for EPD), the Hanvon active capacitive technology, Hanvon optical touch technology. More details, please visit the website: www.hanvontouch.com or email to: touch@hanwang.com.cn
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