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Hanvon Pentech Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary company of Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 002362). Hanvon Pentech is an expert of pen input technology, dedicated to R&D and production of EMR pen input solutions. Developed the first EMR pen in 1995, Hanwang has been working in the pen input industry for over 20 years.

With its state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience, Hanvon Pentech offers cordless and battery-free pressure-sensitive EMR pens with high accuracy and resolution, providing excellent pen-on-paper writing experience with up to 2048 pressure levels. EMR modules are used in intelligent devices including smartphones, tablets, handwriting LCD monitors, graphic tablets, e-book readers, POS signature pads, intelligent white boards, etc. 

Supporting 2-100’’ touch screens, Hanvon Pentech’s pen input solutions are widely applied in education, healthcare, government OA, banking, etc.

With strong R&D capabilities, Hanvon Pentech owns 140 patents worldwide, including the cordless and battery-free pressure-sensitive EMR pen.

With the support of Hanwang Technology, Hanvon Pentch Manufacturing’s overall processing capacity is ensured by 8 sets of high-speed Milling machines and 40 sets of high-speed injection molding machines. Hanvon Pentech’s manufacturing R & D group has developed a series of automatic equipments, facilitating efficiency to a large extent. Currently Hanvon Pentech could process 200,000 EMR pens, 200,000 EMR boards and 200,000 Controller ICs per month.
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