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Electromagnetic module Memorabilia

In September 2012, the Hanwang electromagnetic module technology breakthrough, the introduction of a new chip HW0868.
August 2009, entered into a collaboration with Foxconn, Hanvon electromagnetic the touch module technology applications in 6 "& 9.7" electronic paper Book products.
In May 2009, Hanwang launched a global leader in high-precision 5.5mm pen.
In May 2009, HW launched the first the electromagnetic module chip HW0808.
In October 2008, the the electromagnetic module R & D technology breakthrough.
In February 2008, entered into a collaboration with international giants Samsung HW electromagnetic touch module technology applications one after another in the Samsung 5 ", 6", 8 "& 9.7" electronic paper book.
In September 2007, HW Release electromagnetic module technology.
In 2002, HW apply the wireless passive patented technology.


Hanvon touch Memorabilia

In October 2012, a new breakthrough in technology and process to become the the electronic paper first choice for the best touch technology.
In May 2012, the introduction of new electronic paper book house of gold generation?? "Accuracy further enhanced.
In May 2011, U.S. SID exhibition, HW dual-touch technology audience acclaim.
In March 2011, launched the first dual-touch electronic paper book "E920".
In November 2010, HW micro-pressure touch technology unveiled in Japan FPD exhibition.
In October 2009, HW micro-pressure touch technology breakthrough.

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