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About Pentech

We are the founder of the national patented Chinese Handwriting Recognition Technology in Beijing. In 1985 our chairmen, Mr. Liu Yingjian, started from a scientist, he believes that “when you recognized something does it with your full energy”. Consequently he has done Chinese Handwriting Recognition for more than 2 decades. Chinese Handwriting Recognition not only won us numerous awards of National Science and Technology in China and Germany, but also synchronous attracted the corporation opportunity with international brands, such as Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Lenovo, TCL., etc.

Strongly you can find out the personality and attitude of “concentration” around our company. We firmly believe that “Concentration achieves excellent and creation leads the future”.

Now a day, we have created over 70% market share in handwriting market and over 70% in OCR market. We are a world leading company in intelligent pattern recognition technology and a professional provider in the design and development of Handwriting Recognition, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Biometric Recognition related products, such as eReader, Pen Tablets & Displays Tablets, Components and Biometric Solution (Face ID). Our professional and highly skilled team members are committed to providing efficient pattern recognition solutions and delivering quality services to our clients.

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